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21st International James Fenimore Cooper & Susan Fenimore Cooper Conference
September 27 – 30, 2017 SUNY College at Oneonta Oneonta, NY

            1.  A region that drains into a river system
            2.  A critical point that marks a change of course

We are seeking papers that address the theme, "Watersheds." In its geographical sense, a watershed is a region where rivers come together and define a landscape. At the same time, a watershed is a moment, a point in history of dramatic and sudden change. The Coopers' writing reflects both senses of this word. They made the upper Susquehanna region central to their literary imaginations, and their writings reflect a time of dramatic social and political change. We seek papers that explore the role the Coopers (and their contemporary writers and artists) played in imagining, representing, and interrogating the landscapes and watershed moments of antebellum America.  Paper topics may include (but are not limited to):

Early Nature Writing * Populist Democracy in Aristocratic New York * Women's "Place” in America * Slavery and Abolition * The Emerging Faces of Class and Capitalism * Exploration and the Expanding Map of America * Displacing Native American Communities * Social Conflicts on the Frontier * Painters of the Hudson River School * Nativism and Immigration


"Cooperstown from Three Mile Point" (1850)
by Louis Remy Mignot. New York State
Historical Association, Cooperstown.

We are happy to consider any paper that addresses James Fenimore Cooper’s or Susan Fenimore Cooper’s work and their time.  Papers should be 8-10 pages (20 minute presentation).

Send proposal via e-mail to Dr. Roger W. Hecht

Proposal Deadline is May 15, 2017

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