Students entering the program in the Fall of 2011 or later will also be required to take the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) in their content language no later than the semester in which they take their Methods course (FLED 392). Students are expected to score at the Advanced Low range of proficiency.


Adolescence Education - Spanish

I. Professional Education Sequence  
  EDUC 106 Issues, Philosoph,y & Foundations of Education 3 s.h.
  EDUC 201 Diversity and Teaching 3 s.h.
  EPSY 275 Psych. Foundations of Education: Learning and Motivation 3 s.h.
  EPSY 250 Adolescent Growth & Development 3 s.h.
  EPSY 229 Survey of Exceptional Children 3 s.h.
  FLED 392 Research, Theory and Practice in Middle & High School Foreign Language Education 4 s.h.
  FLED 396 A&B Student Teaching in Secondary Foreign Language 12 s.h.
  FLED 398 Seminar in Middle and High School Foreign Language 3 s.h.
    Subtotal 34 s.h.
II. Content Courses  
  SPAN 205 Civilization of Latin America 3 s.h.
  SPAN 202 Advanced Spanish Usage I 3 s.h.
  SPAN 203 Advance Spanish Usage II 3 s.h.
  SPAN 204 Civilization of Spain 3 s.h.
  SPAN 208 Introduction to Spanish Literature 3 s.h.
  SPAN 212 Conversational Spanish OR 3 s.h.
  SPAN 215 Spanish for Bilingual Speakers  
  SPAN 311 Survey of Spanish Literature 3 s.h.
  SPAN 313 Survey of Spanish-American Literature 3 s.h.
  SPAN 316 Spanish  Phonetics & Phonology 3 s.h.
  Complete 3 Spanish Literature classes not used above: SPAN 300-399 9 s.h.
    Subtotal 36 s.h.
III.  Related Work  
    EDUC 246 Development of Language and Adolescent Literacies 3 s.h.
    EDUC 346 Teaching Reading in Content Area 3 s.h.
    EDUC 213 Education Law Requirements 1 s.h.
  EDUC 254 Integrated Technology: Middle/High School Curriculum 3 s.h.
  Foreign Language Requirement 0-6 s.h.
    Subtotal 13-19 s.h.
IV. General Education remaining with advisement( & possible electives) 18-24 s.h.
    Total 122 s.h.

Revised July 2015