Adolescence Education - social Studies

I. Professional Education Sequence  
  EDUC 106 Issues in Education 3 s.h.
  EDUC 201 Diversity and Teaching 3 s.h.
  EDUC 206 Philosophy & Foundations 3 s.h.
  EPSY 275 Psych. Foundations of Education: Learning and Motivation 3 s.h.
  EPSY 250 Adolescent Growth & Development 3 s.h.
  EPSY 229 Survey of Exceptional Children 3 s.h.
  SSED 392 Research, Theory and Practice in Middle & High School Social Studies 4 s.h.
  SSED 396 Student Teaching in Middle and High School Social Studies 12 s.h.
  SSED 398 Seminar in Middle and High School Social Studies Education 3 s.h.
    Subtotal 37 s.h.
II. Content Courses  
  HIST 100/101/201 Western Civilization I or Western Civilization II or
Making of the Modern World
3 s.h.
  HIST 144/145 U.S. History I or U.S. History II 3 s.h.
  GEOG 100 Introductory Geography 3 s.h.
  GEOG 230 Geography of Culture and Environment 3 s.h.
  Selections* (upper level AHIST or GEOG United States Only) 9 s.h.
  Selections* (upper level EHIS or GEOG Europe Only) 6 s.h.
  Selections* (upper level WHIS or GEOG Non-US/Non-Euro Only) 6 s.h.
    Selections* (upper level ECON by advisement) 6 s.h.
  Civics, Citizenship and Government  
    POLS 121 U.S. Government 3 s.h.
    Selections* (upper level POLS by advisement) 6 s.h.
  42 hours in major field must be completed prior to student teaching  
  *Specific course selection by advisement from approved list.  
III. Related Work  
    EDUC 246 Development of Language and Adolescent Literacies 3 s.h.
    EDUC 346 Teaching Reading in Content Area 3 s.h.
    COMP 100 Composition 3 s.h.
    EDUC 213 Education Law Requirements Related to Health and Safety Issues 1 s.h.
  EDUC 254 Integrated Technology: Middle/High School Curriculum 3 s.h.
  Foreign Language Requirement 0-6 s.h.
    Subtotal 13-19 s.h.
IV. General Education       21-24 s.h.
    Total 119-128 s.h.

Revised June 2011
Accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education