SUNY Oneonta



Where can I find Blackboard, DegreeWorks and my Oneonta email in the myOneonta portal?
All are located in the left hand column of the main page of the myOneonta portal.

Where can I find the library's homepage and the databases available?
You can access the library's homepage through the myOneonta portal or through the Educational Technology website. In the myOneonta portal, the link is located in the left hand column of the main page and on the Educational Technology website, you can click on the Library tab across the top of the page.

Where can I go to view my midterm and final grades?
Some professors use the grading function in Blackboard, while others do not. In Blackboard, click on the appropriate course and click on the Tools tab of the page, then select My Grades to view your grades for specific assignments. In the myOneonta portal, click on the midterm and final grades link located in the left hand column on the main page to view your overall grades.

If I don't know a professor email or phone #, is there a directory on the college's website?
Yes, there is a directory on the college's website. On the college's main page, there is a search bar with an option to select "Directory". You can locate contact information for professors and other individuals on campus in this way or you can use the myOneonta portal. On the myOneonta main page, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and find a search box for the directory. Contact information for Dr. Banks, Dr. Lawrence, Dr. Jean-Charles, and Ms. Northrop (Department Secretary) is also located on the Educational Technology website under the Contact Us tab.

What is Blackboard email and how do I find it?
Blackboard email allows you to communicate with other students in your courses, the emails get sent to your Oneonta email address. To locate the Blackboard email, click on the appropriate course and go to the Tools tab, from there select Send Email. You can send to All Users, Select Users, Teachers, Groups, etc.

How do I find the syllabi for my courses?
You can locate the syllabus for each course through Blackboard. Click on the appropriate course and go to the Information tab. The syllabus for the course should be located here. Sometimes professors post the course syllabus under the Content tab under Week 1. Check both of these places before contacting your professor.

Where do I find the weekly assignments for my courses on Blackboard?
Click on the appropriate course and go to the Content tab. Most professors set up this tab by Week, while some set it up differently. The weekly coursework will be located under this tab. Some professors will post a document with the schedule for the course as well.

Before the courses begin, it would be a benefit to you if you explored the Blackboard site and became familiar with it. It would also be helpful to explore the myOneonta portal as well, in order to make later navigation quick and easy.