Tk20 Access Instructions (Student Teacher)


SUNY Oneonta is now using Tk20 for all evaluations of methods students and student teachers. Please refer to the information below to log in to Tk20 based on your role at the College. All users can access Tk20 at:     


Students, please log in using the following format:

Username:  Same as your SUNY Oneonta login
Password:   “A” number

You will then be routed to a SUNY Oneonta sign-on page and prompted to enter your SUNY Oneonta username & password.

After you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your Tk20 password.  After you click “Save” to change your password, go to the main page of Tk20.


  1. Click on the binder title under the Pending Tasks section. (Example: Student Teaching Evaluation - CHED)
  2. Click on the Evaluations Tab
  3. Select Cooperating Teacher Evaluation (once you complete this, you will do the same for the Supervisor Evaluation)
  4. Complete the evaluation form in its entirety.  
  5. Save & Submit


If you have any questions or issues logging into Tk20, please contact Jennifer Mancke, Office of Education Advisement and Field Experience, by email at or by phone: (607) 436-2538. 

Thank you!