Fingerprinting Information


The New York State Education Department (NYSED) requires all applicants for teaching certification to pass the fingerprinting process before they can be awarded a teaching certificate.  The Division of Education at SUNY Oneonta requires all students enrolled in EDUC 201 to complete their NYSED fingerprinting in order to conduct their field experience at Job Corps.

Beginning August 3, 2015, MorphoTrust is the exclusive vendor providing fingerprinting services to NYSED.  MorphoTrust’s IdentoGO web site ( lists all national fingerprinting locations.

Fingerprinting process:

  • Fingerprints must be scanned at one of MorphoTrust’s locations; appointments are required.  To submit a fingerprinting application and schedule an appointment, visit MorphoTrust’s website at and click on New York State on the map, then scroll down and click “Online Scheduling”; or call (877) 472-6915.
  • As of July 14, 2017, MorphoTrust will no longer be using the ORI Number "TEACH" in order to release your fingerprinting results to the appropriate agency (NYSED, in this case). You must use the service code below to schedule your fingerprinting appointment.
  • Certification Service Code: 14ZGQT
  • Employment Service Code: 14ZGR7
  • The fingerprinting fees (see details below) can be paid with a credit card*, cash or check (payable to “MorphoTrust USA”) in person at the fingerprint-scanning appointment. *As of June 23, 2017 they no longer accept credit card payments online when scheduling appointments. All credit card payments must be made onsite at the time of the fingerprinting session.
  • At the fingerprint-scanning appointment, your photo will be taken.  You will also need two forms of identification; at least one form of identification must be a photo ID:
    • photo identification documents:  U.S. passport (expired or unexpired), driver license, SUNY Oneonta student ID card
    • additional identification documents:  voter registration card, U.S. military card, U.S. Social Security card, birth certificate (original or a certified copy)
  • Fingerprinting results will automatically be posted to your TEACH account.

Fingerprinting Fees:
New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (Fingerprint search fee) - $75.00
FBI fee - 12.00
MorphoTrust - 12.00

Total fees (payable to MorphoTrust USA) - $99.00


See NYSED’s webpage for further details:

Last updated August 29, 2017