Non-Course Requirements for Early Childhood
ECHE (Birth-2) Majors

Required to enter the Professional Methods Semester (Block):

  • Pass the College Writing Exam (call 436-3010).
  • Minimum overall GPA of 2.8.
  • All coursework completed except the Methods Semester and Student Teaching.
  • At least 92 semester hours of coursework completed.
  • No grade below a ā€œCā€ (2.0) in the Related Work.
  • No grade below a ā€œCā€ (2.0) in the Concentration.
  • No grade below a "C" in  EDUC 284.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.8 in the Concentration.
  • Minimum GPA of 2.8 in the following 5 core courses: EDUC 106, EDUC 201, EDUC 206, EPSY 229, EPSY 240/241.
  • Sign-up to complete the Admission-to-Candidacy Application. Information regarding this will be available each semester by email and as posting on the Elementary Education Department bulletin board.

Required to enter Student Teaching:

  • Minimum overall GPA of 2.8 in Methods Semester.
  • No grade below a "C" in EDUC 235 and EPSY 275.
  • No more than 18 months between Methods Semester and Student Teaching.

Recommended Before Graduation:

  • Complete Diploma and Teacher Certification Applications.
  • Establish Credentials Folder in Career Development Office.

Candidates submitting teaching license applications to NYSED will be issued an Initial License. Initial license requirements:

  • Complete Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Seminar and School Violence Prevention Seminar. Both are included in EDUC 213.
  • Finger Printing

The State University of New York at Oneonta reserves the right to make changes in policies, requirements, and regulations as conditions change and such revisions are necessary subsequent to the publication of the college catalog. This information is current as of August 2006.