Elementary Education Degree Requirements
Childhood Education (Grades 1-6)

The following patterns represent overall course requirements for elementary education majors.

I. Professional Education Sequence

  EDUC 106 Issues in Education 3 s.h.
  EDUC 201 Diversity and Teaching 3 s.h.
  EDUC 206 Philosophy and Foundations of Education 3 s.h.
  EDUC 284 The Development of Language & Literacy (prereq: pass CWE) 3 s.h.
  EDUC 235 Reading and Literacy I (prereq: EDUC 284) 3 s.h.
Methods (1-6)  
  EDUC 220 Curriculum Integration & Assessment 3 s.h.
  EDUC 222 Social Studies and the Arts 3 s.h.
  EDUC 236 Reading and Literacy II 3 s.h.
  EDUC 240 Math and Technology in Elementary Education 3 s.h.
  EDUC 260 Science and Technology in Elementary Education 3 s.h.
Student Teaching  
  EDUC 395 Student Teaching & Capstone 15 s.h.
                                                                                   Sub Total 45 s.h.

II. Related Work Fulfilling General Education 2000 Requirements

  EPSY 229 Survey of Exceptional Children 3 s.h.
  EPSY 240 Child Growth and Development 3 s.h.
  EPSY 275 Psychological Foundations of Education: Learning and Motivation 3 s.h.
  EDUC 213 Education Law Requirements Related to Health and Safety Issues 1 s.h.
  MATH 108 Concepts of Mathematics I 3 s.h.
  MATH 109 Concepts of Mathematics II 3 s.h.
  CSCI 100 Introduction to Computer Technology or  
  Choose 3 from the following (each 1 s.h.)  
  INTD 106 Fundamentals of Word Processing  
  INTD 107 Introduction to Spreadsheet Applications  
  INTD 108 Introduction to Database Applications  
  INTD 150 Library and Internet Research  
  2 Science courses with labs in different departments [NL2 attribute] 6 s.h.
  One course in literature or philosophy [AH2 attribute] 3 s.h.
Basic Writing  
  COMP 100 Composition 3 s.h.
Social Science  
  GEOG 100 Introductory Geography or GEOG 230 Cultural Geography and HIST 266 History of New York State 6 s.h.
American History  
  HIST 144 U. S. History I or HIST 145 U. S. History II 3 s.h.
Western Civilization  
  HIST 100 Western Civilization I or HIST 101 Western Civilization II 3 s.h.
Other World Civilizations (choose one) 3 s.h.
  ALS/ANTH 202 Peoples and Cultures of Africa  
  ALS/ANTH 203 Peoples and Cultures of Caribbean  
  HIST 120 The Making of the Modern World  
  HIST 271 Colonial Latin America  
  HIST 272 Modern Latin America  
  HIST 274 Women in Africa and the Middle East  
  HIST 281 The Islamic World to 1800  
Fine Arts (Arts, Music, Theater)  
  One course in these departments, not performance [AA2 attribute] 3 s.h.
Foreign Language  
  See advisor to meet NY State/College requirements 0-6 s.h.
                                                                                                 Sub Total 49-55 s.h.

III. Concentration

Students are required by NYSED to complete one of thirteen designated concentrations:  Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Technology, Earth Science, English, French, General Science, Geography, Liberal Arts, Mathematics, Political Science, Social Studies, Spanish. 30 s.h.
                                                                                                             Total 124-130 s.h.