SUNY Oneonta/Mohawk Valley Community College
Jointly Registered "2 Plus 2" Program
Major: Childhood Education (1-6)
Concentration: Liberal Arts

Thank you for your interest in the jointly registered "2 plus 2" education program between SUNY Oneonta and Mohawk Valley Community College. Acceptance into SUNY Oneonta is contingent upon the completion of specific courses approved for the Liberal Arts/General Education A.S. degree from Mohawk Valley Community College and a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Eligible students must apply for admission to SUNY Oneonta by January 31st (prior to Fall matriculation).

Accepted students enter SUNY Oneonta as Juniors and may continue their course work on the MVCC campus with the following exception: *EDUC 106 and EPSY 229 must be taken on the SUNY Oneonta campus. Upon completion of the Oneonta program, students receive a Bachelor of Science Degree in Childhood Education (grades 1-6) from SUNY Oneonta with a concentration in Liberal Arts.

Note: We are no longer accepting students into this program.

This information is subject to change.


AS Lib. Arts/Gen. Studies B.S. Childhood Education (1-6)
  MA 171 Foundations in Math I Major
  MA 172 Foundation in Math II    
  MA 175 Elementary Functions *EDUC 106 Issues in Education
  EN 101 English 1: Composition   EDUC 201 Diversity and Teaching
  EN 102 English 2: Ideas and Values   EDUC 235 Reading and Literacy I
  EN 248-272 English- Select One   EDUC 284 Dev. of Language & Literacy
  HI 101 or 102 History of Civilization 1 or 2    
  HI 111 or 112 American History 1492-1850 or 1850-present *EPSY 229 Survey of Excep. Children
  HI 214 New York State History   EPSY 240 Child Growth & Development
  BI 206 Intro to Anatomy & Physiology OR   EPSY 275 Learning and Motivation
  BI 105 Environmental Science    
  2 Sciences with lab from the following choices: Concentration
  BI 101 General Biology I   Science Upper Division
  GL 101 Physical Geology   Philosophy course
  CH 131 or 141 College Chemistry or General Chemistry I   COMM 220 Public Speaking
  PH 131 or 151 Physics Fundamentals or General Physics I   Social Science - Upper Division
  PS 101 American National Government
  ED 151 Health/Safety Issues Related Work
  ED 150 Social & Philosophical Foundations of Education   HIST 120 Making of the Modern World
  GE 101 World Geography    
  GC 244 Topics in Art History Methods Block
  IS 208 Practical Computing   EDUC 220 Curr. Integ. & Assessment
  HU 186 Music Appreciation   EDUC 222 Social Studies & the Arts
  ED 100 College Seminar   EDUC 236 Reading & Literacy II
  Phys. Ed. Two credit hours   EDUC 240 Math & Technology
      EDUC 260 Science & Technology
  Foreign Language 101 and 102
Student Teaching
  3 years of same language in High School and   EDUC 395 Student Teaching & Capstone
  Foreign Language 101 or Foreign Language
proficiency test with a score of at least 150
Foreign Language proficiency test with a
score of at least 250

* Must be taken at SUNY Oneonta Campus