Barbara VokatisDr. Barbara Vokatis

Assistant Professor
334 Fitzelle

Dr. Barbara Vokatis is an Assistant Professor in our department. She is a native of Poland. She completed her BA in English at Foreign Language Teachers College, Bielsko-Biala, Poland. She also holds two Master’s degrees: MA in English from University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland and MS in Literacy B-12, from University at Albany. She completed her doctoral studies in Reading (Literacy) through University at Albany.

Dr. Vokatis’s research and teaching addresses two innovative fields: children’s knowledge building across various disciplines and the development of online literacy clinic courses.
With the expertise of teaching literacy clinics in various settings (on campus and in public school settings), she transferred them to an online format and sought grants to implement her course design to include the voices and expertise of classroom literacy coaches to augment her online clinic courses. As a result, SUNY Oneonta is the only campus in the SUNY system offering online literacy Master’s, which makes the programs very competitive. She has also published an article in an international journal, Journal of Literacy Practice & Research, that reflected this process. In regards to inquiry, she has published her research on the identity of innovative teachers who teach inquiry in an international journal focused on research on edge-cutting practices, Frontline learning Research.

Her current research area involves innovative inquiry teaching and learning at the elementary level. She is fascinated with elementary children’s learning how to inquire and build knowledge in disciplines and how teachers can enhance this learning. Her research, in collaboration with Dr. Zhang from SUNY Albany, will inform school districts’ implementation of standards, with a focus on integrating productive literacy practices across disciplines, and to contribute to developing the much-needed connection between literacy research and knowledge building. As school districts embark on implementing standards (Next Generation Science Standards, C3 Framework for Social Studies Standards, and Next Generation Learning Standards), education researchers and school districts need descriptive examples of the processes and practices of knowledge building in disciplinary contexts. Her explanation of the specific, innovative curricular design and the roles of literacy in building knowledge for specific purposes, within this design, will greatly inform system-level implementation of standards and, as importantly, greatly inform researchers' and practitioners' knowledge of literacy development within new systems of thinking. 

Courses taught by Dr. Barbara Vokatis

EDUC 235, Reading and Literacy I (Pre-methods, Undergraduate Level)
EDUC 222, Social Studies and the Arts in Elementary Education (Methods, Undergraduate Level)
EDUC 641, Literacy Coaching and Assessment Practicum B-6 (Graduate Level)
EDUC 645, Literacy Coaching and Assessment Practicum 5-12 (Graduate Level)
EDUC 636, Literacy Coaching and Assessment (Graduate Level)
EDUC 631, Writing Process in Literacy programs (Graduate Level)