Spanish Concentration

SPANISH 30 s.h.    
Grammar and Composition: 6 s.h.    
SPAN 202 Advanced Spanish Usage I 3 s.h.  
SPAN 203 Advanced Spanish Usage II 3 s.h.  
Phonetics and Conversation: 6 s.h.    
SPAN 212 Conversational Spanish  OR 3 s.h.  
SPAN 215 Spanish for Native Speakers 3 s.h.  
SPAN 316 Spanish Phonetics & Phonology 3 s.h.  
Spanish Literature: 3 s.h.    
SPAN 208 Intro to Spanish Literature 3 s.h.  
Spanish Civilization: 6 s.h.    
SPAN 204 Civilization of Spain
SPAN 205 Civilization of Latin America
3 s.h.
3 s.h.
Concentration Electives: 9 s.h.    
Select three of the following (9 s.h.) at least two of which MUST be
numbered 300 or above:
Any Spanish course not used above, numbered between SPAN 200-399. Note: No more than 3 s.h. of Spanish mini courses may count towards the concentration.
Students who opt to complete the Spanish major (36 s.h.) will have also satisfied the content requirement for *Spanish Education. Students selecting this option should complete:
- SPAN 104 Second Year Spanish II or equivalent
- Grammar and Composition section
- Phonetics and Conversation section
- Spanish Civilization section
- 12 s.h. in Concentration Electives section including three of the following four courses:
                     SPAN 311     SPAN 312     SPAN 313     SPAN 314

Note: The Spanish major must be formally declared through the Foreign Language Department and Academic Advisement.
*Additional course work is required to fulfill the secondary education program.