Liberal Arts Concentration

LIBERAL ARTS 30-32 s.h.    
Note: 18 s.h. above 200 level required.
Mathematics and Technology: 3 s.h.    
MATH 105 or MATH above 109 3 s.h.  
History: 3 s.h.
AHIS 266 NY State History
3 s.h.  

Science: 6-8 s.h.
from Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Geology,
Meteorology, Nutrition, Oceanography, Environmental Science, or Physics
Science with or without lab 3-4 s.h.  
200 level Science with or without a lab 3-4 s.h.  
Humanities: 6 s.h.    
200 or 300 level ALIT, ELIT, LITR or WLIT 3 s.h.  
Choose any 200-level Philosophy 3 s.h.  
Social Science: 6 s.h.    
Choose any Political Science 3 s.h.  
Any ECON, ANTH, GEOG, or SOCL 3 s.h.  
Fine Arts: 6 s.h. 6 s.h.  
Two 200 level courses in ARTH, ARTS, DANC, MUSC,