Liberal Arts Concentration

LIBERAL ARTS 30 s.h.    
Note: The courses used in the Liberal Arts concentration may not overlap with course
work in the Related Work. 18 s.h. above 200 level required.
Mathematics and Technology: 6 s.h.    
MATH 105 or MATH above 109 3 s.h.  
MATH above 109 or CSCI above 101 3 s.h.  
Science: 6 s.h.    
from Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Geology,
Meteorology, Oceanography, Physics
Science with or without lab 3 s.h.  
200 level Science with or without a lab 3 s.h.  
Humanities: 6 s.h.    
200 or 300 level ALIT, ELIT, LITR or WLIT 3 s.h.  
Choose one Philosophy: 3 s.h.  
PHIL 212 Social and Political Philosophy    
PHIL 213 Philosophy of History and Culture    
PHIL 220 History of Philosophy I    
PHIL 221 History of Philosophy II    
Social Science: 6 s.h.    
Choose one Political Science: 3 s.h.  
POLS 121 U.S. Government 3 s.h.  
POLS 272 Comparative & International Politics 3 s.h.  
Any 200 level POLS by advisement    
ECON 110 Principles of Economics  or 3 s.h.  
200 level course in Anthropology, Geography, or Sociology    
Fine Arts: 6 s.h. 6 s.h.  
Two 200 level courses in Art, Music, Speech, Communication, or Theater