Geography Concentration

GEOGRAPHY 30 s.h.    
GEOG 100 Introductory Geography 3 s.h.  
  Fields of Study: 5 fields/15 s.h.    
    Field 1: Physical Geography    
    GEOG 201 Principles of Physical Geography    or 3 s.h.  
    GEOG 202 Regional Climatology 3 s.h.  
    Field 2: Human Geography    
    GEOG 225 Population Geography & Planning  or    3 s.h.  
    GEOG 230 Geography of Culture and Environment 3 s.h.  
    Field 3: Urban-Economic Geography    
    GEOG 210 Economic Geography   or 3 s.h.  
    GEOG 233 Urban Geography 3 s.h.  
    Field 4: Regional Geography    
    Any 200 level Regional Geography course 3 s.h.  
    Field 5: Geographic Methods    
    GEOG 240 Cartography 3 s.h.  
    GEOG 241 Geographic Information Systems 3 s.h.  
    GEOG 245 Remote Sensing: Aerial Photo Interpre 3 s.h.  
Selections in Geography: 12 s.h.
200 level Geography electives by Geography Department advisement
12 s.h.  
The requirements for the Geography Concentration and the Geography major  General Track are identical.  A student who selects the Geography Concentration can receive a dual major in geography.  The student must formally declare the second major through the Geography Department and Academic Advisement.