English Concentration

English 30 s.h.
Required: 15 s.h.
LITR 150 Intro to Literacy Studies 3 s.h.
COMP 290 Writing about Literature 3 s.h.
LING 210 Traditional Grammar 3 s.h.
One Multicultural Course by advisement 3 s.h.
One Major Author Course by advisement 3 s.h.
Selections:  Complete 15 s.h. (By Advisement)  
Four Period Courses 12 s.h.
Select at least one from each of the following divisions:  
- Beginnings through Medieval  
- Renaissance to 1800  
- 1800 to Present  
In order to successfully complete the Period Courses requirement, students must choose one ALIT, one ELIT and one WLIT and any other course from the Period-Courses list.  For example, to fulfill the four-course requirement a student could take ELIT 200 (Beginnings through Medeival is ELIT), ALIT 200 (Renaissance to 1800 is ALIT), WLIT 215 (1800 to Present is WLIT), and any other courses in ALIT, ELIT, WLIT in any time period category. One course must carry an H3 attribute.
One 200-level OR 300 level elective (LITR, ALIT, ELIT, WLIT, COMP, or LING) 3 s.h.
Additional Guidelines:  
  1. Students must successfully complete LITR 150 and COMP 200 no more than one year after declaring an English Concentration.
  2. With the exception of LITR 150, only courses at the 200 (or higher) level may be counted toward the concentration.
  3. In order to receive department credit for LITR 150, each student must achieve a grade of "C" or better.
  4. Generally, 200-level courses require COMP 100 and LITR 100 or LITR 150.  Most 300-level courses require COMP 200, LITR 150, LITR 250, as well as 6 s.h. of 200-level courses in ALIT, ELIT, LITR or WLIT.
  5. Courses are listed by the required categories they satisfy.  No course may be applied toward the concentration in more than one category.
Multicultural Literature
ALIT 250: Black American Literature WLIT 202: World Literature-18th Century to Present
ALIT 255: 20th Century Irish American Literature WLIT 215: Great World Novels
ALIT 286: African American Women Writers WLIT 231: Mythology
ALIT 351: Literature of the Harlem Renaissance WLIT 253: Contemporary Irish Writers
LITR 283: Women's Literature WLIT 257: Modern Black Literature
LITR 284: Writing the Land: Literature of Place WLIT 260: Bible as Literature
LITR 285: Autobiography, Gender & Culture WLIT 270: Postcolonial Lit. & Culture: Africa
LITR 286: Gender & Geog.: Women's Environ. Writing WLIT 271: Postcolonial Lit. & Culture: The Americas
WLIT 200: World Lit: Ancient to Medeival WLIT 280: The Catholic Imagination
WLIT 201: World Lit - Renaissance to the 18th Century  
Beginnings Through Medieval
ELIT 200: English Literature - Beginnings to Early WLIT 200: World Lit: Ancient to Medieval
ELIT 240: Medieval English Literature WLIT 225: The Greek Dramatists
ELIT 370: Chaucer WLIT 231: Mythology
  WLIT 260: The Bible as Literature
Renaissance to 1800
ALIT 200: American Literature to 1865 ELIT 270: Shakespeare
ELIT 201: English Lit - Renaissance to 18th Century ELIT 272: 17th-Century English Literature
ELIT 241: The English Renaissance ELIT 273: Milton
ELIT 243: Restoration and 18th Century Literature ELIT 371: Shakespeare and Culture
  WLIT 201: World Lit. - Renaissance to 18th Century
1800 to Present
ALIT 201: American Literature 1865-Present ELIT 245: English Writers of the Romantic Age
ALIT 207: Survey of Environmental Literature ELIT 246: Victorian Literature
ALIT 210: American Poetry ELIT 247: 20th-Century English Writers
ALIT 215: 19th-Century American Novel

ELIT 275: Jane Austen

ELIT 364: Dickens

ALIT 216: Modern American Fiction LITR 220: Short Fiction
ALIT 217: Contemporary American Fiction LITR 225: Masterpieces of the Theater
ALIT 225: Modern American Drama LITR 226: Modern Drama
ALIT 226: Contemporary American Poetry LITR 244: Contemporary Literature
ALIT 240: The American Renaissance LITR 283: Women's Literature
ALIT 241: Realism and Naturalism LITR 284: Writing the Land: Literature of Place
ALIT 245: Literature of the American Civil War LITR 285: Autobiography, Gender and Culture
ALIT 250: Black American Literature LITR 286: Gender and Geog.: Women's Env. Writing

ALIT 255: 20th-Century Irish American Literature

ALIT 280: Jack London

LITR 315: Contemporary Novel
ALIT 286: African American Women Writers WLIT 202: World Lit. - 18th Century to the Present
ALIT 303: Literature of Imprisonment WLIT 215: Great World Novels
ALIT 351: Literature of the Harlem Renaissance WLIT 253: Contemporary Irish Writers
ALIT 360: Henry James WLIT 257: Modern Black Lit.
ALIT 370: Hemingway and Faulkner WLIT 270: Postcolonial Literature and Culture: Africa
ALIT 371: Cooper and His Country WLIT 271: Postcolonial Lit. and Culture: The Americas
ALIT 373: Upstate New York Writers WLIT 280: The Catholic Imagination

ALIT 374: Hawthorne and Melville

ALIT 375: Burroughs and Nature Writing

WLIT 285: Portraits of the Artist

WLIT 317: Yeats

ELIT 202: English Literature - 18th Century to Present WLIT 380: Writing and Violence
ELIT 215: The English Novel