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What is Educational Psychology?

In an era of educational turmoil and reform, educational psychology stands forth as one of the preeminent social science disciplines for understanding and improving the processes of teaching and learning. Over the past thirty years, the field of educational psychology has undergone a major shift in emphasis. Building on earlier successes in the development of behavioral learning models, instructional design, and test theory, educational psychologists have advanced principles of social-cognitive learning that have the potential to revolutionize the work of teachers and students in school settings.

Taken from the preface to the
Handbook of Educational Psychology
A Project of Division 15, American Psychological Association

Counselor Education

Our program goal is to prepare counselors to work in school settings using comprehensive developmental programs based on the National Model for School Counseling Programs (ASCA). Counselors are trained to provide services as counselors, collaborators, curriculum providers and consultants to meet the academic, social/emotional and career needs of K-12 students. This program meets the NYS requirements for both provisional and permanent certification through the Master's and the Certificate of Advanced Study.

Special Education

The Special Education Master's Degree programs provide quality education in Special Education pedagogy to meet the New York State requirements for certification as a special education teacher.

The purpose of the programs is to prepare teachers who: using evidence-based practices (EBP) can foster an environment in which students with disabilities can learn effectively; can design, implement, and analyze effective lessons for all students; are advocates for individuals with disabilities; and are skilled at collaborating with each other, parents and other relevant professionals.

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