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Professional Education Unit

Professional education programs at SUNY Oneonta prepare people interested in elementary and secondary teaching and school counseling careers. These programs are well-planned and structured for students to complete during their years at Oneonta. The programs are rigorous and result in exceptional professionals whom we are proud to have represent us in schools throughout New York State.

We believe that children and youth learn when they have opportunities to explore their environments, when they are challenged to think about the world and their place in it, when they are provided rich opportunities to develop skills, and when their teachers make learning an exciting and rewarding activity. We believe that children and youth have many different talents, and that they all can learn.

We believe that teachers have tremendous opportunities to shape how their students think and feel about learning. We believe that teachers serve the community: children, youth, families, and institutions. We believe that teachers must take on the role of advocate for all students so that all children and youth can achieve their goals even in the face of adversity.

We believe that school counselors serve both the students and teachers in our schools. School counselors work to assist students achieve academic and social goals. School counselors provide support to teachers through their work with students and their families.

We welcome to our programs all candidates who share our philosophy and whose goal is to develop their own skills and talents to become educational professionals committed to excellence.

Please use this opportunity to "get to know" the Professional Education Unit. You will learn about the conceptual framework model Educational Professionals Committed to Excellence which guides the programs offered through the Professional Education Unit. Central to this model are three themes which define the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to become excellent teachers and school counselors. These themes are interwoven throughout the candidates' undergraduate and graduate programs.

The faculty and staff of the Professional Education Unit work on a daily basis to deliver a program which maintains integrity to the beliefs and principles described in the model Educational Professional Committed to Excellence. This excellence is demonstrated in our high passing rates on the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations.

The College at Oneonta's long history in teacher education continues through its commitment to preparing teachers and other school professionals for the public schools of New York. This commitment was validated in October 2000 when the Division of Education was awarded accreditation by the National Council of Teacher Education. This legacy is strong and equal to its commitment to provide a well-rounded liberal education to its students.

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