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Needed: 11 Trillion Gallons to Replenish California Drought

NSF-Funded Research Sheds New Light on How Surface Water Lubricates the Bottom of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Health of U.S. Streams Reduced by Streamflow Modifications and Contaminants

NOAA study finds fishing tops U.S. lightning death activities

California's Death Valley named world's hottest place

The 10 college majors with the lowest unemployment rates



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Scholarship application form. Everyone should apply for scholarships administered by the Department. Your professors want to award you scholarships but we need to know if you want them.

Travel application form. Going to a scientific conference? Presenting a paper? Volunteering? First time at a conference? The department can help for your expenses. Fill out and print this simple pdf form to let us know of your needs. Submit it to Lisa in room 209.