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Scientists Use Climate Model to Better Understand Electricity in the Air (the second author of this study is an alumnus of the E&AS department)

Resort guests barely escape as 40-foot sinkhole opens up near Disney World

NSF-Funded Research Sheds New Light on How Surface Water Lubricates the Bottom of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Health of U.S. Streams Reduced by Streamflow Modifications and Contaminants

NOAA study finds fishing tops U.S. lightning death activities

Venice hasn't stopped sinking after all

Why America Has Fallen Behind the World in Storm Forecasting

California's Death Valley named world's hottest place

Marcellus Shale becoming top US natural gas field

The 10 college majors with the lowest unemployment rates

U.S. Winter outlooks of precipitation and temperature


What's Happening (Department)

Congratulations to our graduating seniors!
Good luck in grad school and in the workplace.

Scholarship application form. Everyone should apply for scholarships administered by the Department. Your professors want to award you scholarships but we need to know if you want them. Download our short form and submit it to Lisa in room 209.

Travel application form. Going to a scientific conference? Presenting a paper? Volunteering? First time at a conference? The department can help for your expenses. Fill out and print this simple pdf form to let us know of your needs. Submit it to Lisa in room 209.

David Loveless Wins NOAA Scholarship click here for the story

Meteorology Students get a Peer-Reviewed Publication in The Compass: Earth Sciences Journal of Sigma Gamma Epsilon. Paper Title: An Assessment of the Relationship between Air Mass Frequency and Extreme Drought in the Midwest United States. Authors: Curtis Walker, Erin Potter, Nicholas Esposito, and Dr. Melissa Godek.

Meteorology seniors Rebecca Zander, Drew Messina, and their advisor, Dr. Melissa Godek are published in the July 2013 issue of the peer-reviewed journal Scientific Research. Title: An Air Mass Based Approach to the Establishment of Spring Season Synoptic Characteristics in the Northeast United States. (Click on 2013 vol 3. It's the last paper in the list)

Watch Curtis Walker receiving the Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence from the SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher