Water Resources Career Opportunities


Water Resources

Demand for professionals in this field is very high, with a wide range of specialties and geographic locations. Large-scale funding for environmental projects is provided by federal, state, and local governments and by private industries. Today the emphasis is changing toward water-supply issues and effective management of resources. Graduates of our program have no difficulty obtaining jobs right out of college, which is rare in most other fields for those without an advanced degree. More than 95% of our graduates are either employed in their field of study or are continuing their education in graduate school. Opportunities are even better for those who continue on for a master's degree.

Major employers in water resources include (1) hydrologic or environmental consulting firms, (2) federal, state, or local regulatory agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, (3) research laboratories and government surveys, such as the U.S. Geological Survey, (4) industries, particularly in energy-related fields, and (5) colleges and universities. Many graduates have applied their training to related fields such as high-school teaching, law, interpretive programs, and computer sciences. Salaries not only start at a level higher than average for college graduates, but increase rapidly along with professional advancement. Jobs are available throughout the country, including a great many in the Northeast. We keep an active file of employers and job openings and provide our students with frequent personal counseling about career decisions.

We remain inclose contact with our graduates, who keep us informed of job opportunities and developments in the profession. They enjoy their work and find it challenging and full of variety. Some have gained nationwide recognition in the few years since graduation. Our alumni are found in nearly all major environmental firms and agencies in the Northeast. We have frequent visits by representatives from professional firms, many of them our own graduates.