Faculty & Staff

Dr. James R. Ebert

Dr. James R. Ebert
Distinguished Teaching Professor and Chair

Areas of expertise: sedimentology, stratigraphy, microfossil biostratigraphy

E-mail: James.Ebert@oneonta.edu

Dr. Jerome B. Blechman

Dr. Jerome B. Blechman

Areas of expertise: Synoptic Meteorology, thunderstorms

E-mail: Jerome.Blechman@oneonta.edu

Dr. Keith A. Brunstad

Dr. Keith A. Brunstad
Assistant Professor

Areas of expertise: Mineralogy, Petrology, Volcanology



Dr. Devin Castendyk
Associate Professor (on leave 2013-14)

Areas of expertise: Hydrogeology

E-mail: Devin.Castendyk@oneonta.edu

Dr. Todd D. Ellis
Assistant Professor

Areas of expertise: Atmospheric Physics, Cloud Physics

E-mail: Todd.Ellis@oneonta.edu


Dr. Leigh M. Fall
Assistant Professor

Areas of expertise: Paleontology, Paleoecology

E-mail: Leigh.Fall@oneonta.edu


Dr. Melissa Godek
Assistant Professor

Areas of expertise: Atmospheric Dynamics, Climatology

E-mail: Melissa.Godekl@oneonta.edu


Dr. Leslie Hasbargen
Associate Professor

Areas of expertise: Geomorphology, Fluvial Geology

E-mail: Leslie.Hasbargen@oneonta.edu


Mr. Kyle MacRitchie
Meteorology Lecturer

E-mail: Kyle.MacRitchie@oneonta.edu


Mr. Jon Schmitkons
Water Resources Lecturer

E-mail: Jonathan.Schmitkons@oneonta.edu


Mr. Pragnyadipta "Deep" Sen
Geology Lecturer

E-mail: Pragnyadipta.Sen@oneonta.edu


Support Staff



Ms. Lisa Hoffman

E-mail: Lisa.Hoffman@oneonta.edu




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