Faculty & Staff

Dr. Jerome Blechman

Name: Dr. Jerome Blechman
Title: Professor and Chair
Office: 311B Science 1 Building
E-mail: Jerome.Blechman@oneonta.edu
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Dr. Keith A. Brunstad

Name: Dr. Keith A. Brunstad
Title: Associate Professor
Office: 210 Science 1 Building
E-mail: keith.brunstad@oneonta.edu
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Dr. Marta Clepper

Name: Dr. Marta Clepper
Title: Lecturer
Office: 209A Science 1 Building
E-mail: Marta.Clepper@oneonta.edu
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Dr. James Ebert

Name: Dr. James R. Ebert
Title: Professor
Office: 212 Science 1 Building
E-mail: James.Ebert@oneonta.edu
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Dr. Leigh M. Fall

Name: Dr. Leigh M. Fall
Title: Associate Professor
Office: 213 Science 1 Building
E-mail: leigh.fall@oneonta.edu
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Dr. Melissa Godek

Name: Dr. Melissa Godek
Title: Associate Professor
Office: 311A Science 1 Building
Email: Melissa.Godek@oneonta.edu
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Dr. Les Hasbargen

Name: Dr. Les Hasbargen
Title: Associate Professor
Office: 219 Science 1 Building
E-mail: Leslie.Hasbargen@oneonta.edu
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Dr. Chris Karmosky

Name: Dr. Chris Karmosky
Title: Assistant Professor of Meteorology
Office: 312 Science 1 Building
E-mail: Christopher.Karmosky@oneonta.edu
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Kathryn Metcalf

Name: Kathryn Metcalf
Title: Lecturer
Office: 214 Science 1 Building
E-mail: Kathryn.Metcalf@oneonta.edu

Dr. Devin Castendyk

Name: Devin Castendyk
Title: Adjunct Associate Professor
E-mail: devin.castendyk@hatch.com

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