Undergraduate Research


Sophie Kolankowski (Geology Major)

Advisor: Dr. Leigh M. Fall

Project: A quantitative analysis of fracture patterns due to trampling on microvertebrates

Chelsea Krieg (Geology and Biology Major)

Advisor: Dr. Martha Growdon

Project: Geologic mapping of Matinicus Quadrangle

Mary Margaret Pipher (Geology Major)

Advisor: Dr. Keith Brunstad

Project: Crystal-size distribution of the Marcy Anorthosite contact zone

Rachel Ouimet

Advisor: Dr. Les Hasbargen

Project: Meander migration and flood effects in Otsego County

Alayna Fuess (Geology Major), Joe Spaulding (Geology Major), and Myles Moore (Water Resources Major)

Advisor: Dr. Les Hasbargen

Project: Marcellus Shale geochemistry