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Internships, REUs and other opportunities

Get a leg up

Student internships are available in a number of government offices as well as private firms (consulting, forecasting, etc). First check the list below and see what is available that interests you. Then, talk to your advisor. It may be desirable or even necessary to register for College credit to qualify for those internships. Your advisor can work through the application forms for internship courses.

SUNY-Oneonta Links

Geological Society of America Links


External Internship Links

Click on these for information and/or contact information. Check the application deadline on internships before you do anything.

More links will be added as we get them.


Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Employers are searching for people who can critically think, problem solve, and communicate.  Research is a great way to pick up all these skills.  If you are interested in participating in research over the summer, you should spend a few minutes to check out NSF REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) opportunities. Several of our students have participated in an REU.  The application deadline usually occurs in January, February, or March, so you want to start investigating possibilities and working on applications now.

National Science Foundation REU sites (both of these have many sites listed):