Meteorology Program


The Meteorology Program
Meteorology at the College at Oneonta is part of the Earth Sciences Department. A course of study leading to the bachelor's degree is taught by three professors with complementary interests and experience in meteorology. Since its inception in 1970, our undergraduate meteorology program has grown into one which is highly regarded throughout the northeastern U. S.

Meteorology, the science of the atmosphere, is a steadily developing field. The concerns of weather prediction, climatic change and atmospheric pollution are only some of the challenges offered to you when you join this exciting field of science. At the government and private levels, a growing awareness of environmental problems and concerns is creating ever increasing opportunities for graduates with atmospheric expertise.

Oneonta's meteorology facilities are located in the Science I Building. Consistent with the college-wide emphasis on technology, our Linux computing lab allows computing to he integrated into many of our courses. Weather records dating back to the early 1900s are stored in the lab, as well as in the James M. Milne Library, a National Repository. A planetarium and rooftop weather observatory are also part of our facilities. Recognizing the need for meteorologists to be familiar with broadcasting techniques, meteorology students produce and broadcast weather shows in the College's state-of-the-art television studios using Chromakey techniques. These shows, part of the student-produced program Venue are broadcast to the local community on cable TV. Meteorology students earn independent study credit for this program.

Special Opportunities for Study
The internship program in the Earth Sciences Department provides you the opportunity to be a meteorological intern at cooperating Weather Service Offices, the State Department of Environmental Conservation, or private forecasting and consulting companies. In this program, academic credit is earned while receiving practical, on-site experience in professional meteorology.

A number of awards and recognitions are made by the Department, including the Philo C. Wilson Outstanding Senior Award, and textbook awards made annually to academically superior students in all the Earth Science disciplines. Sophomore and junior meteorology majors may receive the Robert W. Caputo Memorial Award for excellence in academic achievement, honoring the memory of one of our meteorology graduates.

Extracurricular activities are coordinated through the Meteorology Club. Through the Meteorology Club, you can take trips to Weather Service Offices, commercial television studios, and weather conferences. Forecasting contests are also part of the club's activities. Meteorology Club members maintain the forecasting website.


Our meteorology graduates are employed in various weather-related fields. In a recent alumni survey, 87% of those responding indicated they were working in meteorology or a closely-related science, such as hydrology. Of those, 15% worked for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or National Weather Service, 20% were in other government service (including NASA), 19% as Weather Officers in the U. S. Air Force, 14% were associated with colleges or universities, either teaching or in graduate programs, 3% in broadcasting weather at commercial television stations, and 29% were working for private forecasting companies or public utilities.