Graduate Assistantship in the Large-scale Dynamics of Tropical Mountains mediated by Landsliding at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras


I am seeking a graduate student interested in conducting research at the interface between Ecology and Geomorphology. The research project is aimed at understanding how variation in soil fertility through its effect on plant attributes that contribute to soil stability may influence landsliding from local to regional scales.  The project combines field and laboratory analytical work, extensive GIS/RS, modeling, and use of tree rings to examine the causes and consequences of landsliding in the Sierra de Las Minas, a mountain range in eastern Guatemala.  For more information about the project visit us at  The student can start participating in the project during our 2017 summer field campaign. The ideal candidate will have a B.Sc. or M.Sc. in Ecology, Environmental Science, or a related field; experience with GIS/RS; a strong quantitative and statistical background; an interest in combining field with laboratory work.

Landscapes, Water, and the Sustainable Management of Tropical Watersheds Water is not only one of our basic needs, but also a ...



The 3-year assistantship includes stipend, tuition, and benefits. Interested candidates should contact me ASAP and send their Curriculum Vitae (with GPA and GRE scores) as well as Personal and Research Statements. If you are interested in this opportunity contact Dr. Carla Restrepo ( to receive additional information, including admission requirements and instructions on how to apply.  The deadline for application to the Biology Graduate Program at UPR-RP is January 30.

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