Faculty & Staff

Dr. Melissa Godek
Classes taught:

Introduction to Meteorology (METR 110), Climatology (METR 212), Atmospheric Dynamics (METR 350), Research Methods in Dynamics (METR 351), Mesoscale Meteorology (METR 375)

Areas of interest:

Climate variability and change, Northeast US climate, winter climatology, dynamics, teleconnection patterns, (El Niño/ Southern Oscillation, North Atlantic Oscillation), air masses, atmospheric singularities, undergraduate research advancement, women in science, communicating scientific research through presentation


My primary research explores the intraseasonal climate variability that arises with the influence of teleconnection patterns. This allows me to learn about, for instance, how climate oscillation phases like El Niño impact the wide temperature swings that we may get day to day throughout the winter season (all while it may be “warmer than average”). I have also delved into the topic of atmospheric singularities and spend time scientifically validating the existence of events in folklore like the January Thaw and Indian Summer. Most of my time is actually spent with mentoring and co-authoring undergraduate student research. Projects that I have been involved with include examining the specific air masses associated with drought, developing a climatology of winter snow events in the Northeast, exploring how weather can impact MLB game delays and cancellations, and determining vertical atmospheric thickness variations during Albany snow and rain events. Currently two students and I are researching the possibility that hurricane track lengths and phase durations have changed with climate change.

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