Faculty & Staff

Dr. Les Hasbargen
Classes taught:

Earth Science (ESCI 100); Sustaining Water (GEOL 102); Intro to Geology (GEOL 120); Geological Data & Analysis (GEOL 275); Field Geology of Plate Boundaries (GEOL 343); Geomorphology (GEOL 370); Glaciology & Glacial Geology (GEOL 374); Fluvial Geomorphology (GEOL 375); Environmental Geophysics (GEOL 380); Geoscience Research Techniques (GEOL 390)

Areas of interest:

I am interested in Earth and planetary surface processes which move mass around. These processes include rivers, wind, glaciers, and waves, so just about any place where the landform is changing and being sculpted by natural (including human) influences catches my fancy. I also enjoy geologic field data collection, and like to use technology to facilitate collection. Other interests include climate change effects on Earth’s surface processes, and hiking in the great wild places.


My current research projects focus on river erosion and climate change in Otsego County; flood records in lake sediment cores in Otsego County; Mars’ active processes and geological evolution; 3D object reconstruction using structure-from-motion photogrammetry; and remote sensing of landforms and geologic features. I have also collected groundwater chemistry with an eye toward developing a baseline and comparative tool to aid in the detection of contamination from hydraulic fracturing activities in search of natural gas, should it ever come to New York state.

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