Faculty & Staff

Dr. Jerome Blechman
Classes taught:

Introduction to Meteorology (METR 110), The Atmospheric Environment (METR 205/ENVS 205), Lightning and Thunderstorms (METR 180), Climatology (METR 212), Weather Analysis and Forecasting I and II (METR 360-361), Remote Sensing in the Atmosphere (METR 385), Senior Seminar in Meteorology (METR 392)

Areas of interest:

Thunderstorms, Severe weather including tornadoes, lightning, lake-effect snow, weather forecasting


I have done research in areas such as lake effect snow in upstate New York, the local climate in Oneonta, computer simulations of thunderstorms with mesocyclones, and even the onset of the monsoon in India. My most recent project was to compare the locations of lightning strokes in thunderstorms with intense small (meso-) scale circulations to the locations of strokes in less severe thunderstorms. That work was presented at the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society.

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