Summer Session 2015:
Registration begins March 2, 2015
Summer Session I:
May 26-June 26
Summer Session II:
July 6-August 7
Full Session:
May 18-August 7

Continuing Education
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Michelle Thibault


Summer 2014 Key Dates and Deadlines



Session I *
May 27- June 27

Session II *
July 7-August 8

Full Session
May19-August 8

Last day to register on the Web **

May 26

May 26

May 19

Last day to DROP without a W- complete form at Summer Sessions Office, 135 Netzer

June 2

July 13***

May 25

Last day to DROP a course with a W ($20 late fee applies)

June 17

July 29

July 9

*Web Add/Drop period for summer session is May 27 & May 28. After May 28, you will need to contact the office in person, by fax or email to make schedule adjustments.

Last day to ADD a course without a signature for any session is the 3rd class day.

Last day to ADD a course with a signature for any session is the 4th class day.

** A late registration fee will be assessed if registering after this date.

***Please be aware that this is a Sunday. You will need to contact the office via email by midnight on the 13th of July.

Classes with special schedules will have different deadlines. Please consult with the Office of Summer Sessions in Netzer 135 for information on such courses.

Maximum course load.  The maximum course load is 6 s.h. for each Summer Session for a maximum of 12 s.h. total. Degree students must obtain their advisor's approval to register for more than the maximum course load in any given semester, while non-degree students must obtain signed permission from the Office of Continuing Education, Netzer 135.

Click here for an overload form.
Please note
: If you register for more than 6 semester hours in a single session, you will be removed from the overload courses unless the form is filed with the Office of Continuing Education.

Other policies apply.  Please consult the course catalog as well as the student handbook as needed.