Tim Welch

Title: Lecturer

- M.Ed. St. Michael's College, Vt.

Telephone:(607) 436-3408
Email: Tim.Welch@oneonta.edu

Course History:

  1. Public Speaking
  2. Writing for Radio, TV, and Film
  3. Senior Seminar in Mass Media Communications
  4. The History of Broadcasting
    & the Internet
  5. Interviewing
  6. Persuasion in Everyday Life
  7. Broadcast Journalism
  8. TV & Radio Production
  9. Writing for Business
    & the Professions
  10. Comm 100
  11. New Media
  12. Reporting
  13. Public Relations
  14. Understanding Mass Communications
Other Information:

He enjoys making analogies for students of Communication & Media from his experiences in business and the worlds of television and radio broadcasting, advertising and public relations.


Professional Interests:

Hobbies and Personal Interests:

  • Sailing
  • Skiing
  • Reading
  • Dog Walking



Major Program areas

Communication Studies

introduces students to the theories and practices of oral communication and persuasion. Students in this major usually seek careers in business related fields, as well as corporate communication, advertising, sales, public relations, and events management.


Mass Communication

is designed to meet the needs of students who seek careers in the fields of broadcasting, journalism, film, audio production and video production.