Curriculum Guide for Majors Communication Studies

This is a major for students who enjoy working with other people in productive, serious, communication related fields. Former majors from this department have gone on to careers in, business and corporate communication, organization director, business manager, personnel, public information officer, media buyer, fund raiser, college recruiter, public relations, advertising, and conflict management specialist.

I. Required Core Courses: 6 s.h.

Survey of Communication and Media

Public Speaking

COMM 160

COMM 110

II. Selected Couses: 18 s.h.
  Select two courses (6 s.h.) from each of the three categories below.
  A. Communication Process - (6 s.h):

Intro to Communication Theory Freedom of Speech


Gender Communication
Theories of Interpersonal Comm.

Conflict Management

In Search of a New Rhetoric

COMM 120

COMM 206

COMM 241

COMM 340

COMM 244

COMM 280

  B. Communication Settings - (6 s.h):

Interpersonal Applied Comm.

Organizational Communication
Persuasion in Everyday Life

Contemporary Public Address

Intercultural Communication

COMM 243

COMM 255

COMM 270

COMM 260

COMM 254

  C. Communication Performance - (6 s.h):


Small Group Communication

Negotiation and Mediation

Creating Persuasive Campaigns

COMM 215

COMM 225

COMM 227

COMM 387

III. Elective Courses: 12 s.h.
  Select four communication (COMM.) courses not used in the categories above (total of 12 semester hours).  
  In addition, with advisor's or department chair's permission, MCOM courses may also be used in this category.  
  Six semester hours of a department supervised internship (COMM 397) may also be used in this category.  
TOTAL 36 s.h.

Special Minors

Advertising and Public Relations are two minors that are complimentary to the Communication Studies major. They are available only to students who major in Communication Studies. Only one of these minors may be completed by a Communication Studies major.

Advertising Minor Curriculum Public Relations Minor Curriculum