SUNY Oneonta

Policy on Undergraduate Research, Space and Equipment Utilization - Spring 2013

  1. Faculty will participate in the care and maintenance of department owned equipment, in accordance with the Shared Equipment Maintenance Policy.

  2. Individuals are responsible for the care of equipment when they are using it. Before using a piece of equipment they should assess its external condition and notify their course instructor, research advisor, responsible faculty member or the department chair of condition or operational problems.

  3. Students who use equipment will be offered training on how to use and care for that piece of equipment. Failure to seek and follow training or to properly care for equipment can negatively impact both research and educational outcomes as well as possibly present a hazardous condition.

  4. Students in independent study or research courses will sign and date, along with their faculty sponsor/instructor, a copy of this document as a pre-requisite for obtaining the department chairpersons approval for that course.

  5. Faculty members of the department are, from time-to-time, assigned space for research activities within the department. Other faculty members, specifically the Storeroom Manager and Instructional Support Technician, are assigned space to allow them to effectively complete their work responsibilities. These spaces include:

    1. a. Physical Sciences B-8, Physical Sciences 204 A&B, 211, HUEC 228 (Preparation Room)

  6. Students, unless escorted by their faculty sponsor or research supervisor, are not allowed in the spaces above under any circumstances. Faculty members are allowed to enter these spaces to identify items for their research or course needs at the sole discretion of the Storeroom Manager, Instructional Support Technician or Chairperson. Materials may only be removed from these spaces with the immediate and express consent of one of the same.

  7. Except in cases of emergency, faculty and students will not loiter in the research space of another faculty member without express permission. Similarly, they will not take apparatus or supplies from another faculty members research space without express permission.

  8. No student will work alone in a laboratory. Students will work in groups of two or more students, or under the direct visual supervision of a faculty member.

  9. Student researchers must always be under the supervision (within visual sight or ‘shouting distance’) of a faculty member, ordinarily their research sponsor, supervisor or class instructor. In the event, during a regularly scheduled research time, that faculty member is called away for a short time, they will alert the faculty-member-on-duty who will supervise research students.

  10. The faculty-member-on-duty agrees to remain on the second floor or in the basement of Physical Sciences to support and supervise research students and should be the students’ point of contact for questions or concerns.







9:00-12:00 PM


Dr. Odago


Dr. Kalikanda


1:00-4:00 PM

Dr. Geisler

Dr. Green

Dr. Vining 232
Dr. Schaumloffel

Dr. Thomas-Smith

Dr. Gallagher
Dr. Schaumloffel 207

Please download and sign the Policy on Undergraduate Research, Space and Equipment Utilization form.