SUNY Oneonta

Policy on Course Challenges and AP Credit

  1. CHEM 111 is normally the only course that can be challenged by examination, after consultation with a current CHEM 111 instructor. Students will be required to pass a recent final exam, administered by a current CHEM 111 lecture instructor, with a score of 75% or higher in order to have their course challenge accepted. Receiving credit for successfully challenging a course does not always mean that the credit earned will count towards the degree. In some cases, the credits towards graduation may need made up by the student taking additional coursework (e.g. an American Chemical Society Certified degree).
  2. Credit for AP Chemistry courses taken in high school will be granted according to the following guidelines.
    1. A score < 3 on the AP examination will not result in credit for having taken any chemistry course at SUNY Oneonta.
    2. A score equal to 3 will result in the student receiving credit for CHEM 100: Chemistry in Everyday Life.
      1. Students with a score equal to 3 will be allowed to enroll in CHEM 112 with the understanding that they will need to take CHEM 111, transfer in an equivalent course, or challenge CHEM 111 within 1 calendar year of enrolling in CHEM 112.
    3. A score of 4 or 5 will result in the student receiving credit for having taken CHEM 111. However, in some cases, credit towards graduation may need to be made up by the student taking additional coursework.
  3. The Department Chairperson will consult with the faculty currently teaching courses in a specific chemistry sub-discipline when unusual or extraordinary course substitutions or equivalencies are proposed.

Approved by the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry on 10-November-2008