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Writing Assistance

What kinds of writing help are available?

I have to take the Writing Placement Test? What do I need to know?

Where is tutoring located?

I need help with a writing assignment

I need general help with writing

I have a question about grammar

I didn’t pass the College Writing Exam

I’ve been referred by the Education Department


Taking the CWE?
Having trouble with writing for a class?

Here are your options:

Writing under Pressure Workshop: Prep for success on the CWE and essay exams

This one-hour workshop is designed to help students understand the basics needed to do well on timed or high-stakes writing assignments. This workshop is especially helpful for CWE preparation or for those who take essay exams. This workshop can also help those who want to get an idea of the general principles that can help them with writing for their courses.

Individual appointment

You may sign up for a ½ hour consultation with a writing center instructor to go over your class paper or CWE essay. (Before you sign up for an individual appointment to review your CWE essay, we ask that you consider attending the Writing under Pressure Workshop first.)

COMP 090

This is a zero-credit course for students who need sustained assistance in writing. Students enrolled in COMP 090 will meet with a writing center instructor for ½ hour twice per week for five weeks.

College Writing Exam (CWE)

When you know you are ready, sign up to take the College Writing exam.

How do I sign up for an appointment?

Signing up for an appointment for any of the options above is free and easy. Go to https://tracktion.oneonta.edu and Click "Review CWE or Class Paper." Fill out the information using your SUNY Oneonta username and ID. Choose any appointment with the professional tutors listed on the page.

Be sure to show up on time to the appointment you make because the tutors see students every 30 minutes. Appointments start and end on time.


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