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Writing Assistance

What kinds of writing help are available?

I have to take the Writing Placement Test? What do I need to know?

Where is tutoring located?

I need help with a writing assignment

I need general help with writing

I have a question about grammar

I didn’t pass the College Writing Exam

I’ve been referred by the Education Department


Where is tutoring held?

Currently, tutoring is held in various spaces in and around 225 Alumni Hall.

  • Peer tutoring takes place in either the study carrels or in the computer labs. For your first meeting, you will meet your tutor in the lounge area just past the front desk and you'll find a place to work together.
  • Professional tutoring takes place in the tutors' offices. Upon your first visit, please ask at the front desk for directions to your tutor's office.

Where is CADE?

Our main office is located in Alumni Hall Room 225.

There are several entrances to the building:


Near UPD

From entrance near University Police (this is how you find the elevator)

You can either come in the unmarked door into the stairwell or through the University Police lobby.

  • If you're in the stairwell, you can either just take the stairs two flights up OR go past the stairs, through the door, and take the elevator that's in the hallway. Go to the 2nd floor.
  • From University Police lobby, take the first door on the right and you'll see the elevator on your left. Go to the 2nd floor.

CADE's main office is to your right when you exit the elevator.

From Hulbert Hall-side entrance:Hulbert-side

Come through double doors and take the staircase to your left to top floor. Follow the signs to Room 225. (You'll see a big sign in the hallway in the shape of an arrow -- that's pointing to our front desk!)

go in

From ground-floor entrance closest to the bus stop (in the lobby of the Little Theater where the vending machines are)

Little Theater Entrance

Go up the stairs that are straight ahead until you reach the top floor (two floors up). Follow the signs to Room 225. (You'll see a big sign in the hallway in the shape of an arrow -- that's pointing to our front desk!)

go in


front desk


CADE - Center for Academic Development & Enrichment
SUNY College at Oneonta
225 Alumni Hall, Oneonta, NY 13820
(607) 436-3010 | cade@oneonta.edu

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