Biology Department


SUNY College at Oneonta
Liberal Arts - Biology Major
Effective Fall 2001

A. Major Field Core Courses
BIOL 100 General Biology I (NL, T) First Year 3 s.h.
BIOL 200 General Biology II (NL, T) First Year 4 s.h.
BIOL 212 General Genetics Second, Third, or Fourth Year 4 s.h.
BIOL 282 General Ecology (IE, T) Second, Third, or Fourth Year 4 s.h.
BIOL 362 Microbiology (CW) Third or Fourth Year 4 s.h.
BIOL 370 General Physiology Third or Fourth Year 3 s.h.
Field Experience (one selection from the following:)      Third or Fourth Year          3 s.h.
            BIOL 294  Special Topics in                          . (LA)
            BIOL 299  Independent Study in Biology (Non-LA)
            BIOL 333  Regional Biology of the Rocky Mountains (Non-LA)
            BIOL 338  Coastal Ecology in Northeastern North America (LA)
            BIOL 384  Aquatic Biology (summer offering) (LA)
            BIOL 394  Special Topics in _____. (LA)
            BIOL 397  Internship in Biology (Non-LA)
            BIOL 399  Independent Study in Biology (Non-LA), or other approved field experience
            NOTE: Field experience in BIOL 294, 299, 394, 397 and 399, or field experience
                        at another institution, must be approved by the Academic Adviser and the 
                       Department Chair.

B. Major Field Elective Courses                                                                                         15 - 18 s.h.

            1. Select five courses from the list below.
            2. One elective course must be at the 300-level.
            3. A course can not be used for both the Field Experience and the Major
                Field Elective requirement.                                                                       TOTAL 40 - 43 s.h.


BIOL 216 Evolution BIOL 338 Coastal Ecol. in N.E. North America
BIOL 220 Economic Botany (CW) BIOL 356 Animal Behavior  (4 s.h.)
BIOL 236 Vascular Plants  BIOL 367 Aquatic Pollution
BIOL 242 Invertebrate Zoology (CW)  (4 s.h.) BIOL 381 Plant Ecology
BIOL 244 A Natural History of Insects  (4 s.h.) BIOL 384 Aquatic Biology
BIOL 250 Natural History of Vertebrates  (4 s.h.) BIOL 385 Limnology
BIOL 259 Marine Biology BIOL 386 Seminar in Conservation Biology (CW)
BIOL 333 Ecology of Rocky Mtn. Regions OCEA 210 General Oceanography

C. Related Work
CHEM 111 & 112, General Chemistry I & II First Year
8 s.h.
CHEM 221 & 322, or Chem 226 & 330, Organic Chemistry Second Year
8 s.h.
STAT 101 Introduction to Statistics, or equivalent First or Second Year
3 s.h.
CSCI 100 Intro to Computer Technology, or CSCI 116 C Programming First or Second Year
3 s.h.
MATH 173 Calculus I First or Second Year
4 s.h.
PHYS 103, or Physics 203 General Physics I Third Year
3-4 s.h.
         * [PHYS 103 & 203 are offered only in the fall.]                    
TOTAL 29-30s.h.