Majoring in Biology


The College at Oneonta's biology major offers broadly based educational opportunities in the form of three tracks each building upon basic knowledge of plants, animals and micro-organisms.  A total of 33 major elective courses allows for selection of a program best suited to the student's interests.  Opportunities for individual research and special problem courses may also available for qualified students.  Sufficient background in related sciences and mathematics is a necessity for the modern biologist, and and all options include such courses.  Additional opportunities for students with more specialized career goals are available in several 2-2 programs in which students spend the first 2 years at SUNY Oneonta before transferring to the cooperating institution.

Listed below are links to the various degree outlines offered at the College of Oneonta.  This is provided to allow you the opportunity to see what is required to obtain one of the many types of degrees in Biology.

Liberal Arts  - Biology Major (pdf)

Liberal Arts-Biology Minor (pdf)

Liberal Arts - Biology Major
Ecology and Field Biology Track

Liberal Arts - Biology Major 
Human Biology Track

 Liberal Arts - Biology Major
Cell & Molecular Biology Track

Liberal Arts 
Secondary Education - Biology 

Graduate Programs (MS) 


Lake Management