Dr. Kiyoko Yokota

Assistant Professor

Biol 180 - BIOL I: Cells to Organisms
Biol 685 - Studies in Limnology

114 Science 1

Dr. Yokota earned her B.S. in Biology with ecology emphasis and a minor in environmental studies from Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota and Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior from University of Minnesota.  She teaches both on main campus (e.g., limnology and general biology) as well as at the Biological Field Station (BFS) in Cooperstown (for the Lake Management MS program).  Dr. Yokota’s previous research projects include cost and benefit of colony formation in phytoplankton, relationship between urbanization and plankton biodiversity, and comparison of runoffs from conventional and alternative lawn fertilizers and their influences on phytoplankton.  She is planning studies on nutrient limitation status and food web structures of lakes and ponds in central NY.