Dr. Kiyoko Yokota

Assistant Professor

BIOL 180 - BIOL I: Cells to Organisms (lecture & lab)
BIOL 181 - BIOL II: Ecology & Evolution (lab)
BIOL 271 – Global Study in Conservation and Sustainability (on-campus component during fall semester and winter break travel component to Ogasawara Islands, Japan)
BIOL 385 – Limnology (lecture and lab)
BIOL 394 – Special Topic: Phycology (lecture and lab)
BIOL 575 – Phytoplankton Ecology and Analyses (lecture and lab)
BIOL 685 – Studies in Limnology (lecture and lab)
BIOL 691 – Management of Aquatic Biota (lecture and lab)

114 Science 1

Dr. Yokota earned her B.S. in Biology with ecology emphasis and a minor in environmental studies from Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota and Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior from University of Minnesota.  She teaches both on the main campus as well as at the Biological Field Station (BFS) in Cooperstown.  Dr. Yokota’s research interests include phytoplankton dynamics, aquatic food webs, nutrient and pollutant (e.g., mercury and microplastics) dynamics in aquatic ecosystems, and interaction between changing climate and local, regional and global limnology.
She is involved in the Sustainability Living Learning Community (LLC) where incoming freshmen who are interested in sustainability have special opportunities to sample various sustainability-oriented programs around campus, make connection with other freshmen, upper class students, staff and faculty, and explore and find academic and career paths that fit student goals.