Dr. Jennifer Withington

Associate Professor

Biol 180 - BIOL I: Cells to Organisms
Biol 220 - Economic Botany

116 Science 1

Dr. Withington completed her B.S. in Environmental Biology and Mathematics at Heidelberg University. She went on to receive a M.S. in Biology from The University of Iowa and a Ph.D. in Ecology from The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Withington joined the Oneonta faculty in 2011, after teaching for 3yrs at St. Andrews University. Dr. Withington teaches the introductory biology course for majors (General Biology I); she also teaches courses in Plant Physiology and Economic Botany, as well as a variety of laboratories in other introductory courses. Dr. Withington is currently working on describing the branching patterns of the fine roots of common tree species, as well as annual fine root growth patterns of trees. Current student research focuses on (1) green roof media and nitrogen-fixing plants, and (2) biochar impacts on vegetable growth in local soils.