Dr. Junryo Watanabe

Assistant Professor

Biol 201 - Cell & Molecular Biology

320A Science 1

Having completed his B.A. at Reed College, Ph.D. at the SUNY at Stony Brook, Postdoctoral Fellowship at Stanford University, and Visiting Assistant Professor at Pomona College, Dr. Watanabe joined the Oneonta faculty in 2015. He will teach courses in Cell and Molecular Biology and Developmental Biology. Dr. Watanabe is interested in fundamental questions in Neuroimmunology and studies the interaction between the Nervous and the Immune systems in health and in disease. He is currently studying the role of macrophages, or white blood cells, in repairing damage to the nervous system. He utilizes the Drosophila melangastor model organism to understand injury and disease in humans such as spinal cord injuries and Multiple Sclerosis.