Dr. Daniel Stich

Assistant Professor

Biol 181 - BIOL II: Ecology & Evolution
Biol 690 - Lake Management

113A Science 1

Dr. Stich joined the Oneonta faculty in 2015 after earning a B.T. in fisheries and aquaculture at the State University of New York Cobleskill College of Agriculture and Technology, an M.S. in fish and wildlife conservation at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and a PhD in wildlife ecology at the University of Maine. He previously worked with NOAA Fisheries as a contracted fishery biologist studying effects of dam passage performance standards and lake connectivity on alosines (shad and herring) in the Northeast and continues to collaborate with federal agencies on related issues. He currently teaches courses in General Biology and Lake Management. Dr. Stich uses data-driven approaches to answer questions about a wide range of species and topics that range in breadth from physiology of individual organisms to population-level responses to management actions. These approaches make use of modern quantitative and computer-based modeling techniques to address complex problems faced by both local and regional resource managers, and are extensively supplemented by field and laboratory research.