Dr. Sean Robinson

Assistant Professor

Biol 236 - Vascular Plant Systematics
Biol 696 - Advanced Plant Taxonomy
Biol 181 - BIOL II: Ecology & Evolution

218 Science 1

Having completed his B.A. at Hartwick College, his M.S. at SUNY-ESF and his Ph.D. at the University at Albany, Dr. Robinson joined the Oneonta faculty in 2010. He teaches courses in Botany including Bryophyte Biology, Vascular Plant Systematics, and Dendrology. He is also involved in teaching an introductory organismal biology course. Dr. Robinson’s research is focused on understanding how mode of reproduction in plants, particularly bryophytes, affects colonization of new habitats, range expansions, and the exchange of alleles both within and between populations.
Additionally, Dr. Robinson conducts research focused on vegetation dynamics on alpine summits.