Dr. Annabel Kellam


Biol 205 labs - Human Anatomy & Physiology
Biol 208 - Anatomy and Physiology of Human Health

122A Science 1

Dr. Kellam was awarded a B.S. degree in Zoology from LSU in 1977, an M.S. degree from LSU in 1980, and Ph.D. in Ruminant Nutrition and Parasitology from the University of Arkansas in 1983. After supervising research in coccidiosis in rabbits, she left the university to manage a commercial rabbitry of her own for five years. Dr. Kellam also worked as a technical specialist in livestock at ATTRA, a federally-funded information service on sustainable agriculture. Upon moving to Kentucky in 1992, she conducted free-lance research for the Community Farm Alliance, and for the Tobacco Region Reinvestment Task Force on agricultural alternatives to tobacco farming. Between 1994 and 2006, Dr. Kellam owned and managed a small-scale diversified livestock operation (beef, dairy, sheep, poultry). Between 2007 and 2009, Dr. Kellam pursued interests in fine arts (drawing, weaving, silk painting), before moving to Oneonta. Dr. Kellam joined the faculty in 2011 as an adjunct lab instructor; she currently serves as a lecturer.