Dr. Grace Chen

Visting Assistant Professor

Course Spring 2015:
Biol 180- General Biology I
Biol 216- Evolution

122C Science 1

Dr. Chen completed her B.S. from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan in 2001 and decided to study abroad in the United States. She then earned her M.S at University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2003 and her Ph.D. at Michigan State University in 2011. Dr. Chen joined the Biology Department at SUNY Oneonta as a postdoctoral lecturer in 2012. She teaches course in General Biology, Evolution, and Coevolution. Dr. Chen’s research interests are in the field of evolutionary ecology and more specifically in local adaptation, speciation, plant-animal interactions, and biodiversity. Her research focuses on how ecological factors result in the diversification of traits which lead to adaptation and speciation. She studies a group of understory herbaceous plants, Costus, in the Neotropical rainforest in Panama. Dr. Chen examines how these plants locally adapt to their abiotic (e.g., soil moisture and light availability) and biotic (e.g., pollination and herbivory) environmental factors and how the adaptations cause reproductive isolation between closely related species.