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Occasional Papers - No. 1 through 59 (1976 - 2018)


These reports are in PDF format. To view them, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. It can be downloaded from Most recent reports are at the top.

No. 59

The State of DeRuyter Reservoir, Madison County, NY and a Plan for the Management of DeRuyter Reservoir. Leah Gorman, July 2018

No. 58

An Integrative Taxonomic Approach to Understanding Diversity in Neoechinorhynchus (Acanthocephala) Species in North America. Margaret L. Doolin, July 2018

No. 57

The State of Windover Lake, Warren County, New York and a Management Plan to Address Stakeholder Concerns. Jenna Leskovec (with edits by W.N. Harman), June 2018

No. 56

Comprehensive lake management plan, Goodyear Lake, Otsego County, NY. Caitlin A. Stroosnyder, January 2018

No. 55

The state of Rushford Lake, 2016. Edward J. Kwietniewski, October 2017

No. 54

The state of Truesdale Lake & Truesdale Lake management plan. Christian F. Jenne, July 2017

No. 53

The state of Brant Lake & Brant Lake management plan. Alejandro Reyes, December 2016

No. 52

Determining effective decontamination methods for watercraft exposed to zebra mussels, Dreissena polymorpha (Palla 1776), that do not use hot water with high pressure spray. Eric A. Davis, August 2016

No. 51

Comprehensive Lake Management Plan, Lake Moraine, Madison County, NY. Benjamin P. German, September 2016

No. 50

Cazenovia Lake: A Comprehensive Management Plan. Daniel Kopec, November 2015

No. 49

A Scenario-Based Framework for Lake Management Plans: A Case Study of Grass Lake & A Management Plan for Grass Lake. Owen Zaengle, October 2015

No. 48

Monitoring of Seasonal Algal Succession and Characterization of the Phytoplankton Community: Canadarago Lake, Otsego County, NY & Canadarago Lake Watershed Protection Plan. Carter L. Bailey, March 2015

No. 47

The State of Hatch Lake and Bradley Brook Reservoir, 2015 & A Plan for the Management of Hatch Lake and Bradley Brook Reservoir. Jason E. Luce, March 2015

No. 46

The State of Panther Lake, 2014 & The Management of Panther Lake and its Watershed. Derek K. Johnson, March 2015.

No. 45

The Use of Radium Isotopes and Water Chemistry to Determine Patterns of Groundwater Recharge to Otsego Lake, Otsego County, New York. Elias J. Moskal, August 2009

No. 44

Water Chestnut (Trapa natans L.) Infestation in the Susquehanna River Watershed: Population Assessment, Control, and Effects. Willow Eyres, June 2009

No. 43

The Upper Susquehanna watershed project: A fusion of science and pedagogy. Todd Paternoster. August 2006

No. 42

The behavior of lake trout, Salvelinus namaycush (Walbaum, 1792) in Otsego Lake: A documentation of the strains, movements and the natural reproduction of lake trout under present conditions. Wesley T. Tibbits, June 2007

No. 41

1. The role of small lake-outlet streams in the dispersal of Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) veligers in the Upper Susquehanna River Basin in New York.
2. Eaton Brook reservoir boaters: Habits, zebra mussel awareness and adult zebra mussel dispersal via boaters. Michael S. Gray, September 2005

No. 40

Re-introduction of walleye to Otsego Lake: Re-establishing a fishery and subsequent influences of a top predator. Mark D. Cornwell, September 2005

No. 39

The benthic macroinvertebrates of Butternut Creek, New York. Michael F. Stensland, June 2005.

No. 38

Biocontrol of Eurasion Water-Milfoil in central New York State: Myriophyllum spicatum L., its insect herbivores, and associated fish. Paul H. Lord, August 2004

No. 37

Plans for the programmatic use and management of the State University of New York College at Oneonta Biological Field Station Upland Natural Resources. Willard N. Harman, May 2003

No. 36

Fisheries Survey of Peck Lake, Fulton County, New York. Laurie A.Trotta, June 2002

No. 35

Geochemistry of surface and subsurface water flow in the Otsego Lake basin, Otsego County, New York. Andrew R.Fetterman, June 2001

No. 34

Trout movements on the Delaware River System tail waters in New York State. Scott D. Stanton, September 2000

No. 33

Moe Pond limnology and fish population biology: An ecosystem approach. C. Mead McCoy, C. P. Madenjian, V. J. Adams, W. N. Harman, D. M. Warner, M. F. Albright and L. P. Sohacki, January 2000

No. 32

Alewives in Otsego Lake NY: A comparison of their direct and indirect mechanisms of impact on transparency and chlorophyll a. D. M. Warner, December, 1999

No. 31

A self guided tour of Goodyear Swamp Sanctuary. W. N. Harman and B. Higgins (Revised by J. Lopez), 1998

No. 30

The State of Otsego Lake 1936-1996. W. N. Harman, L. P. Sohacki, M. F. Albright, January 1997

No. 29

Hydrological and nutrient budgets for Otsego Lake, NY. and relationships between land form/ use and export rates of its sub-basins. M. F. Albright, L. P. Sohacki, W. N. Harman, June 1996

No. 28

Nested sub-sets of songbirds in Upstate New York Woodlots. -D. Dempsey, March 1996

No. 27

A limnological and biological survey of Weaver Lake, Herkimer County, New York. -C. A. MacArthur, August 1995

No. 26

Quantitative analysis of periphyton biomass and identification of periphyton in the tributaries of Otsego Lake, NY in relation to selected environmental parameters. S. H. Komorosky, July 1994

No. 25

Biological Field Station safety and health manual. -W. N. Harman. May 1994

No. 24

The biology, invasion and control of the Zebra Mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) in North America. Otsego Lake Watershed Planning Report No.3. Leanne Maxwell, February 1992

No. 23

A model land use plan for the Otsego Lake Watershed. Phase II: The chemical limnology and water quality of Otsego Lake, New York. Otsego Lake Watershed Planning Report Nos. 2a, 2b. -T. J. Iannuzzi, January 1991

No. 22

The lake book: a guide to reducing water pollution at home. Lake Otsego Planning Report #1. W. N. Harman, March 1990

No. 21

The aquatic invertebrates of the Goodyear Swamp Sanctuary, Otsego Lake, Otsego County, New York. -Robert J. Montione, April 1989

No. 20

The Chironomidae of Otsego Lake with keys to the immature stages of the subfamilies Tanypodinae and Diamesinae (Diptera). -J. P. Fagani and W. N. Harman, August 1987

No. 19

A self guided tour of the Goodyear Swamp Sanctuary. -W. N. Harman and B. Higgins, February 1986

No. 18

Ecological determinants of distribution for several small mammals: A central New York perspective. Daniel Osenni, November 1984

No. 17

The potential use of wood as a supplemental energy source for Otsego County, New York: A preliminary examination. Edward M. Mathieu, February 1984

No. 16

The effect of the internal seiche on zooplankton distribution in Lake Otsego. J. K. Hill, October 1983

No. 15

The fishes of Otsego Lake (2nd edition). R. C. MacWatters, July 1983

No. 14

Hibernating bat populations in eastern New York State. Donald B. Clark. June 1983

No. 13

The systematics and ecology of Najadicola ingens (Koenike 1896) (Acarina: Hydrachnida) in Otsego Lake, New York. Thomas Simmon, April 1983

No. 12

Mating, aggression, and cement gland development in the crayfish, Cambarus bartoni. Richard E. Thomas, Jr., February 1983

No. 11

Some aspects of predator recognition and anti-predator behavior in the Black-capped chickadee (Parus atricapillus). A. Kevin Gleason, November 1982

No. 10

The dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata: Anisoptera and Zygoptera) of Otsego County, New York with illustrated keys to genera and species. L. S. House III, September 1982

No. 9

Pictorial keys to the aquatic mollusks of the upper Susquehanna. W. N. Harman, April 1982

No. 8

The ecology of the aquatic macrophytes of Rat Cove, Otsego Lake, N.Y. F. A. Vertucci, W. N. Harman and J. H. Perverly, December 1981

No. 7

The fishes of Otsego Lake. R. C. MacWatters, May 1980

No. 6

The distribution and ecology of the aquatic molluscan fauna of the Black River drainage basin in northern New York. D. E. Buckley, April 1977

No. 5

A history and description of the Biological Field Station (1966-1977). W. N. Harman, November 1977

No. 4

An ecology of the Unionidae of Otsego Lake with special references to the immature stages. G. P. Weir, November 1977

No. 3

A basic limnology of Otsego Lake (Summary of research 1968-75). W. N. Harman and L. P. Sohacki, June 1976

No. 2

The relationship of age, growth and food habits to the relative success of the whitefish (Coregonus clubeaformis) and the cisco (C. artedi) in Otsego Lake, New York. A. J. Newell, April 1976

No. 1

The diet and feeding habits of the terrestrial stage of the common newt, Notophthalmus viridescens (Raf.) M. C. MacNamara, April 1976