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Goodyear Swamp Sanctuary
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Greenwoods Conservancy
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Upper Research Site
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1st Annual Aquatic Invasive Species Awareness Day: Sunday, August 4, 2013 BFS Faculty, staff, students and volunteers will spend the day surveying the Otsego Lake shoreline for exotic species. If you would like to get involved, call the BFS at 547-8778, or email Dr. Harman at This is the first official AIS Awareness Day, but the BFS has long set aside the first Sunday in August as a day of community service focused on Otsego Lake. Historically, Otsego Lake Clean-Up Day was held the first Sunday in August as a BFS community service project. Lake-related debris and trash (broken dock parts, discarded tires, abandoned lawn chairs, etc.) were collected from landowners' docks and brought to Lake Front Park in Cooperstown. The Village of Cooperstown handled disposal of the debris once it was on shore. In recent years the quantity of debris decline markedly and so the BFS has shifted their focus toward a thorough inspection of the shoreline for invasive species.

Faculty Highlights: Dr. David Wong, CLM. Dr. Wong became a faculty member in the Fall of 2012. He is shared by the SUNY Oneonta Biology Department and the Biological Field Station. He is interested in aquatic ecology, aquatic toxicity, pollution ecology, and ecological modeling. He has studied the ecology and physiology of bivalve mollusks and other shellfish for 22 years; he is especially interested in quagga and zebra mussels. His past research on aquatic invasive species has helped to establish national standards for watercraft decontamination. His current research is on the biology, control, and management of zebra mussels in Otsego Lake and the Susquehanna River. David is the driving force behind the establishment of the Technical Center for Aquatic Nuisance Species (TCANS), which is currently in development. TCANS will be composed of a team of worldwide experts currently conducting research on different types of aquatic nuisance species (ANS). This team will serve as a source of sound science, innovative technology and knowledge in control and managment of ANS and sustainable development of lakes, reservoirs, rivers and coastal areas. In Dr. Wong's vision, the Center is designed to provide services including early detection, prevention, control and restoration technologies.