BFS Locations

Main Laboratory
5838 State Hwy 80
Cooperstown, NY 13326
Phone: 607-547-8778
Fax: 607-547-5114


Lakeside Farm &
Upland Interpretive Center

7027 State Hwy 80
Springfield, NY
(physical address)

Thayer Boathouse
7016 State Hwy 80
Springfield, NY

Rum Hill
Thurston Hill Rd.
Springfield, NY


Goodyear Swamp Sanctuary
7290 State Hwy 80
Springfield, NY


Greenwoods Conservancy
824 Zachow Rd.
Hartwick, NY 13348


Upper Research Site
Averill Rd.
Cooperstown, NY






HOUSING: Although we have plans to eventually have dormitories available for intern use, we currently do not; limited short term temporary housing is available as of May 2016. Some interns from out of town have made personal arrangements for housing with local landlords; some have looked into housing availability on the main campus of SUNY Oneonta. Housing on campus can be arranged independently of the BFS by contacting the Office of Continuing Education on the main campus. There is a cost for the room and board on campus – this information is available from on the Summer Session webiste; Office of Continuing Education staff will be able to best answer any questions you may have regarding availability and costs. .

There are a few housing options open for college interns which range from relatively comfortable to somewhat primitive in condition. Availability of these options is limited. Contact the BFS with inquiries.

TRANSPORTATION: Weekdays, the BFS provides a shuttle which leaves from SUNY Oneonta campus promptly at 7:15 from the parking lot across from the MOC Service Building on Ravene Pkwy, arriving at BFS for the 8:00am meeting. The shuttle returns to the SUNY Oneonta campus at the end of the work day (4:00pm). The field station is located about 45 minutes away from Oneonta.

COSTS: The Biological Field Station offers one semester hour of college credit for each intern that is accepted into our program. This one credit will be paid for by the BFS. An intern can opt to take up to three (3) semester hours worth of credit for the summer experience. Any additional credits above the one offered by BFS must be approved by the Director and must be paid for by the intern.

DATES: A college internship lasts for 10 weeks. A high school internship lasts 9 weeks. It is expected that each accepted intern stays the entire length of the internship. There is flexibility regarding when the internship begins and ends. Most interns have opted to start their internship within a week or two of the ending of their semester/school year. Work day begins with a group meeting promply at 8am and concludes at 4pm each day. Certain projects may require occasional alternate hours (measuring stream discharge during storm events, 24-hour fish tracking, hydroacoustic surveys, etc.).

PROJECTS: Most of the projects undertaken by the summer interns are involved with the continued monitoring of Otsego Lake and the Susquehanna watershed that the BFS routinely carries out. You can read some of the reports prepared by some of our past summer interns on our website,, under the publications tab. Intern reports are published in our Annual Report each year. Sometimes an independent project is worked on as well. Independent projects need the Director’s approval. Availability of support faculty will factor into whether a project is accepted. Water quality and biota are major components of our work. One is intimately dependent upon the other. Often interns have an affinity for one above the other; this is a major consideration when choosing a project.