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2012: 45th Annual Report

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45th Annual Report CONTENTS

Title Author(s)
Introduction W.N. Harman



2012 Otsego Lake water levels.

W.N. Harman & M.F. Albright

Otsego Lake limnological monitoring, 2012.

H.A. Waterfield & M.F. Albright 8

A survey of Otsego Lake's zooplankton community, summer 2012.

M.F. Albright 20

Chlorophyll a analysis of Otsego Lake, summer 2012.

C. Slater 29

Water quality monitoring of five major tributaries in the Otsego Lake watershed, summer 2012.

K. Mehigan 35



Monitoring water quality & fecal coliform bacteria in the upper Susquehanna River, summer 2012.

R. Katz 52

Fish of the upper Susquehanna River, Otsego County, NY.

R. Katz 65



Mosquito Studies - Thayer Farm.

W.L.Butts 69

2012 aquatic plant survey of Otsego Lake.

D. McShane and K. Mehigan 70

Monitoring the effectiveness of the Cooperstown wastewater treatment wetland, 2012.

M.F. Albright 93

Benthic macroinvertebrate survey of Oaks Creek, Otsego County, NY.

B. Buckhout 103

Qualitative spot biotic survey of Oaks Creek, White Creek, Cripple Creek, and Moe Pond in Otsego County, New York.

J.S. Heilveil and B. Buckhout 113

Freshwater pearly mussel (unionid) survey of Oaks Creek and the Susquehanna River below its confluence, summer 2012.

M.F. Albright, P.H. Lord, T.N. Pokorny 123

Monitoring of the Moe Pond ecosystem and largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) population before considering biomanipulation options.

A. VanDerKrake 126

Bryophyte reproduction and dispersal in a mixed hardwood forest.

S. Robinson, A. Lawrence, R. Obenauer 137

Afton Lake monitoring and management issues, summer 2012.

W.N. Harman, M.F. Albright, H.A. Waterfield 148

Surface water quality in Otsego County, NY, prior to potential natural gas exploration.

S. Crosier 153
Hydroacoustic surveys of Otsego Lake's pelagic fish community, 2012.
H.A. Waterfield and M.D. Cornwell 169
Monitoring the dynamics of Galerucella spp. and purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) in the Goodyear Swamp Sanctuary, summer 2012.
M.F. Albright 177

Pearly mussels in Unadilla River and tributaries.

S. Zemken, P. Lord, T. Pokorny 185
2012 population estimate of walleye (Sander vitreus) in Otsego Lake.
J. Willson, J.R. Foster, M.D. Cornwell 195
Aquatic macrophyte management plan facilitation, Lake Moraine, Madison County, NY 2012.
W.N. Harman and M.F. Albright 201
Control and eradication of water chestnut (Trapa natans, L.) in an Oneonta wetland, 2012 progress report.
H.A. Waterfield and M.F. Albright 212

Parasitic worms of fishes in tributaries of Otsego Lake.

F.B. Reyda and D.D. Willsey 213