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2011: 44th Annual Report

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44th Annual Report CONTENTS

Title Author(s)
Introduction W.N. Harman



2011 Otsego Lake water levels.

W.N. Harman & M.F. Albright

Otsego Lake limnological monitoring, 2011.

H.A. Waterfield & M.F. Albright 9

A survey of Otsego Lake's zooplankton community, summer 2011.

M.F. Albright & O. Zaengle 20

Chlorophyll a analysis of Otsego Lake, summer 2011.

A. Levenstein 29

Water quality monitoring of five major tributaries in the Otsego Lake watershed, summer 2011.

O. Zaengle 35

Preliminary investigations of organic and inorganic carbon content of the Otsego Lake watershed, summer 2011.

G.W. Badger 47



Monitoring water quality & fecal coliform bacteria in the upper Susquehanna River, summer 2011.

B. Scott 59



Mosquito Studies - Thayer Farm.

W.L.Butts 73

Monitoring the effectiveness of the Cooperstown wastewater treatment wetland, 2011.

M.F. Albright 74

Efficacy of emergent plants as a means of phosphorus removal in a treatment wetland, Cooperstown, New York.

E. Gazzetti 82

Insight into a complex system: Cooperstown wastewater treatment wetland, 2011.

T. Robb 90

Treatment performance of advanced onsite wastewater treatment systems in the Otsego lake watershed, 2010 results update.

H.A. Waterfield 108

Baseline water quality assessment of aquatic benthic macroinvertebrates in streams prior to natural gas extraction; Otsego County NY.

K. Whitcomb 122

Microfaunal community on lichens, Otsego County, NY.

B.P. German 132

Alewife (Alosa psuedoharengus) density as a predictor of open water utilization by walleye (Sander vitreus) in Otsego Lake, NY.

B.E. Bowers 140
Summer 2011 trap net monitoring of fish communities utilizing the weedy littoral zone at Rat Cove and rocky littoral zone at Brookwood Point, Otsego Lake.
B.P. German 146
Hydroacoustic surveys of Otsego Lake's pelagic fish community, 2011.
H.A. Waterfield and M.D. Cornwell 152
Monitoring the dynamics of Galerucella spp. and purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) in the Goodyear Swamp Sanctuary, summer 2011.
M.F. Albright 158

Afton Lake water quality, nutrients and algae.

W.N. Harman, M.F. Albright, and H.A. Waterfield 164
Laurel Lake water quality, nutrients, and algae, summer 2011.
H.A. Waterfield, W.N. Harman, and M.F. Albright 169
2011 Catskill region aquatic nuisance species survey for the Catskill Center for Conservation and Development.
W.N. Harman 175
2011 pearly mussel surveys of portions of the Catatonk Creek, Butternut Creek and Unadilla River.
P.H. Lord, and T.N. Pokorny 185

Drainage basin size as a predictor of fish species richness in the Otsego Lake watershed.

J.R. Foster and R. Lewis 192
Spine punching: An effective way of marking spiny-rayed fish.
J.R. Foster and J.C. Lydon 198
DEC Invasive Species Eradication and Control Grant final report.
W.N. Harman, H.A. Waterfield, and M.F. Albright 205
Intestinal damage in locally occurring game fish infected with the acanthocephalan, Leptorhynchoides thecatus.
F.B. Reyda, C. Lange, J. Sheehan, U. Habal, D. Willsey, L. Laraque, and M. O'Rourke 208


BFS Technical Report #31. Aquatic macrophyte management plan facilitation, Lake Moraine, Madison County, NY, 2011.
W.N. Harman, M.F. Albright and O. Zaengle 214