SUNY Oneonta Assessment of Student Learning

Academic Program Assessment Committee (APAC)

APAC's charge is to oversee and facilitate academic program assessment planning and to assist academic departments and programs in undertaking programmatic assessment and reporting.  Persons responsible for establishing this committee are the Associate Provost for Institutional Assessment & Effectiveness, Provost, and College Senate.

  1. To be a resource to faculty and academic programs working to implement their assessment program and report assessment results by:
    1. Providing content for and co-sponsoring a program assessment website;
    2. Meeting with department chairs and faculty;
    3. Facilitating for faculty professional development activities related to outcomes assessment
  2. To advise the Provost and Deans regarding academic program assessment on campus.

After appropriate consultation with the Provost and the College Senate Steering Committee, the Presiding Officer of the Faculty will nominate and forward three Faculty members from each of the academic divisions and one from the library to the College Senate for approval. Additionally, two members may be appointed by the Provost. Length of Committee Service: Members of the Committee shall have a term of three years with a two term maximum; after an intervening term, one may seek additional term(s). Terms shall be staggered to allow for appointments on a rotating basis.

Officers: Chair

The Chair of the College’s Academic Program Assessment Committee may be contacted as follows:

Dr. Julie Licata Music (607) 436-3441

Questions about assessing academic programs should be directed to the Dean of your School:

Dr. Joao Sedycias School of Arts and Humanities (607) 436-2822
Dr. David Yen School of Economics and Business (607) 436-3458
Dr. Jan Bowers School of Education and Human Ecology (607) 436-2541
Dr. Venkat Sharma School of Natural and Mathematical Sciences (607) 436-2125
Dr. Susan C. Turell School of Social Science (607) 436-3488

Term Expires June 2016

  • Joshua Palmatier,(Natural & Mathematical Science-Math, Computer Sci. &Stats., Senate)
  • Brenda Seery (Education & Human Ecology - Human Ecology, Senate)

Term Expires June 2017

  • Julie Licata ( Arts & Humanities - Music, Senate)
  • Jing Yang (Economics & Business - Management, Marketing & Info. Systems, Senate)
    Daniel Nahson (Arts & Humanities - Foreign Languages & Literatures, Provost)

Term Expires June 2018

  • John Schaumloffel, (Natural & Mathematical Science- Chemistry & Biochemistry, Provost)
  • Julia Blau, (Social Science - Psychology, Provost)
  • Carol Dean,( Education & Human Ecology - Education, Provost)
  • Miguel Leon,(Social Science - History, Senate)
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