SUNY Oneonta Assessment of Student Learning

Formative and Summative Assessment

Assessment information can be collected while the program is on-going or at a designated ‘end’ point. Information collected during a program’s operation is called formative assessment. The purpose of formative assessment is to gather data early enough to allow time for corrections and improvements that will impact on current participants. Information collected at a concluding or ‘end-point’ is referred to as summative assessment.  The purpose of summative assessment is to provide comprehensive information about the program in its entirety.

Formative assessment of student learning that is done regularly by the faculty can result in the submission of “Course Change” and “New Course” Proposals. Formative assessment of student learning can be reported in the departmental annual report.

Summative assessment of student learning includes the completion every seven years of the required SUNY Program Review. It also includes the presentation of assessment data every five years to MSA in terms of the Periodic Program Review Report (PRR) or the decennial self-study and team visit. Oneonta’s next PRR will be prepared in 2007 for submission in 2008 and the next decennial self-study and team visit will occur in 2013. The SUNY mandated assessment of student learning is on-going and each year, seven of our 49 majors must complete their self-study. The calendar for SUNY assessment for 2004-2011 is included as Appendix C.

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