SUNY Oneonta Assessment of Student Learning

Appendix B
Examples of student learning goals/outcomes

Student learning goals/outcomes prepared by the Biology Department for the Biology Major

  • Students will be able to demonstrate mastery of basic knowledge in the primary sub-disciplines of Biology: Organismal Biology, Ecology, Genetics, and Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Students will be able to articulate the importance of biology as a scientific discipline, and how this field of knowledge is related to current issues
  • Students will be able to communicate effectively in both oral and written forms as evidenced by classroom presentations, laboratory reports, posters, research projects, and papers.
  • Students will acquire analytical skills needed to solve problems in Biology and will be able to discuss and think critically, analyze data, and propose solutions.
  • Students will master basic computing skills to acquire information and analyze results

Student learning goals/outcomes prepared by the Division of Economics and Business for the Business Economics Major

  1. Communicate in both written and oral form
  2. Develop interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills
  3. Develop quantitative skills
  4. Apply quantitative skills
  5. Develop critical thinking
  6. Apply critical thinking
  7. Obtain, process and use information
  8. Evaluate the business functions such as finance, management, marketing, law, and organizational behavior/human resources and understand their integration
  9. Understand the context of managerial decision making
  10. Appreciate role of innovation and emerging technologies
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